you know,

 i keep making this list in my head,

what im going to show you, if you ever come here. what we're gonna do, what we're gonna try. i keep imaging that you're right there, by my side, and i talk to you about certain foods, about certain places, about my school, about the towns and cities I love, about my soccer team, about the fields, about my friends, about my family. the same thing y'all used to do with me - making me part of a family and introducing me to all those things. that's exactly what i'd do with you. showing and introducing you to all the things i love so dearly.


i keep picturing how it could be whenever we meet again. if we ever meet again. where it could be. how it could be. if everything would be just like we were talking, at the hightest point of our emotions, or if everything is just going to be gone. faded. i keep picturing that situation so many times in my head, in so many different ways. and the more i think about it, the less i can wait. if i only knew. if i only knew, what this all would be like in two years, maybe ten. who knows, maybe it'll all be forgotten. who knows, maybe i'll still be dreaming of you. or you'll be still dreaming of me. maybe we've met already by then. oh, only god knows.

but i can't wait to experience. no kidding. i want to see you so bad. just to know.



29.10.08 21:46

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