you know,


i left my heart in your hands. are you taking good care of it?

are you even worth all that?


baby, tell me, how do you really feel, what do you really think?


gosh, of course i know you're taking relationships seriously. heck yeah i know. and i dont doubt that you mean everything you say. and yet i dont know if you're worth all that thinking, that dreaming and hoping. what if you just realize before me that there's no point in it someday? what if i'll never be able to admit that to myself? or is there? am i worth you all that?

oh man. i hate that. i hate all that thinking, and wondering, and worrying.

you tell me so often that you feel the same way and yet, is it really the same way? do you really?

oh man.


18.10.08 22:54

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